Starting Hands KQ

Texas Holdem – How to Play KQ

King and Queen is a good quality starting poker hand and should be dealt with aggression. Popularly called the King of Queens, these two powerful cards are capable of carrying you through the game.

Position thoughts for King of Queens

Playing king queen from early position is a little tricky and is best laid down or simply calling the bet. But if you are in late position, then a re-raise will be good to get the ace in a spot. With the advantage of position and a quality hand in king of queens, build up your pot with a raise and kill the chasers. The odds of seeing photo cards on the flop are one to six and if you are lucky, then you might pair up and a continuation bet is what is required after that. So thinking as a good aggressive poker player is the best poker strategy for king/queens, especially if suited.

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When Played at Adda52

In the online poker game at Adda52, the LED finals table with six players playing and the blinds at 4/8 saw ram2010 with suited KQ of hearts as his starting poker hand. He was raised to 16 by monu who was probably bluffing with 8c and 4c. He was called by ram2010, 1mohit with Kd 10c and by moranil with 8h and Qc. The flop was a powerful one with As Ac Qs giving ram2010 and moranil two pairs. The latter was first to act and raised to 8 and everyone on the table called. The turn was 6c giving monu a flush draw. He raised and each one called again. The river was another ace giving full house to the two queen holders both of whom went all in and the others folded. The subtle manner in which the King Queen holder played out his hand is commendable and his good online poker play won him the game.

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