Win Real Money and Cash Prizes

Win Real Money and Cash Prizes invites you to play your favorite games - Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Hold’em ++, Crazy Pineapple - all in one place. If you are a Poker fanatic, this is the best platform for you to showcase your skills and win cash prizes.


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How To Join?

The registration on the website is free and quite simple. You can easily sign up by choosing a username and password and filling the required information (e-mail ID and contact number) to verify your account.

Play for Free

Play For Free

You will get freeroll chips when you complete the registration process successfully. Playing practice games is a great way to improve your skills without spending money from your pockets. Moreover, you can play game to win cash and prizes from free tournament games online.



There are several great promotions and bonus offers running on the website for the players to participate and win mind-blowing rewards.


Certifications holds iTech Labs RNG certification from Australia for random and unpredictable cards distribution and Symantec (formerly VeriSign) Norton SSL certification for providing the highest level of security.

Deposits & Withdrawls

Deposits & Withdrawals

You can make the deposits anytime in your website accounts to play real cash games to win prizes. We provide 100% efficient, secure, and reliable payment gateways with lots of deposit options e.g. Debit card, Credit card, Net Banking, Online Wallet, Pay By UPI, etc. After completing the transaction, you can see the updated chips in the “My Account” section.

You can easily redeem your winning amount in your bank account. Your requested withdrawal amount will be deducted from your website account instantly. The redemption process is quick and completely secure as we initiate it only after proper verification of your account.

Adda52 Advantage

Loyalty Program

For frequent players on the website, Adda52 also provides the opportunity to earn loyalty points by playing on cash tables. You become a member of “Adda52 Advantage” - an exclusive loyalty club when you deposit real cash in your account and start playing. The loyalty points help you earn extraordinary benefits like tournament tickets, instant bonuses, vouchers, and much more. The higher the loyalty level, the higher the benefits you get.

Types of Games

There are numerous options available on the website - cash tables and tournaments - that you can choose from to play with real money and win cash prizes.

The most popular variants of the game are -

You can also participate in ‘Satellites’ to win exciting gifts and entry tickets for major live or online Poker events.Thus you can win cash and prize bonuses by playing any format of the game that suits you.

Just sign-up on the website to enter the amazing world of Poker. We guarantee you that it will be a fun, challenging, and adrenaline-filled playing experience for you.

Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
9 AM to 12 AM
Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
9 AM to 12 AM

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