Freeroll in Various Stages


Freeroll tournaments are online poker tournaments where no entry fee is required to enter. Player play for free and stand a chance to win cash prizes. Such poker tournaments offer a very good opportunity for new players to hone their poker skills and also gain a bankroll. But with a large pool of players playing, it is sometimes very difficult to win at these tourneys. So what should your poker strategy be to win at freerolls, read on to find out:

  • Early stage: Watch your stack in the early stages and never let it go below table average. The early stages of a tournament are always the best to increase your chip stack as the new players have a tendency to go all in. when faced with such a situation and having good starting poker hands, press the button and get the advantage. Don’t bluff too often at this stage since most players will be new and you might get many callers.
  • Mid stages: if you have managed to reach this stage, then it’s time to loosen up a bit. Try a mix of hands and portray a loose aggressive playing style. You can also try bluffing a bit here; since the blinds are going up now and not many players are keen on playing too many hands.
  • Later stages: This is the most important time of a freeroll tournament. You are approaching the bubble stage and thus it is time to tighten up. Don’t play too many hands, just stick to the rules of poker and play your best poker hands. The blinds are high now and stealing the blinds now and then can also build some bankroll. But don’t get into big pots with bad cards as the bubble stage approaches. Let the lower stacks drop out and keep a tight approach.
  • Final table: If you have made it this far, then you are surely developing into a better poker player. Play your position now and raise when in good position and having good cards. Most players here will also be new like you and be wary of playing too often. Don’t keep too low a profile as sometimes not taking a risk can leave you at the end. Remember only the top 3-4 positions generally pay out in a freeroll so the task is to finish in the money. Thus take the risks when dealt good hands, pressurize your amateur opponents with value bets and try and increase your chip stack.
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