Christopher Ferguson

Christopher Philip Ferguson, better known as Chris Ferguson, is a highly praised American poker player, who has won many championships and titles, thus earning admiration and respect. He has participated in World Series of Poker events and justified his skills by winning it five times. He was called Jesus for ages primarily because of his looks. This outstanding poker player has photographic memory and many poker players believe it to be his strong point.

Personal Life

Chris Ferguson came into this world on April 11, 1963. He was born in Los Angeles, California to a well educated family. His education career is impressive. He went to UCLA and followed his parents steps (both Ph.D. in mathematics) and in 1999, obtained a Ph.D. in computer science.

Chris Ferguson’s awareness to poker developed even before he was in his teens. While he was in college he enhanced his competence in poker by playing poker online in a few chat rooms (IRC). His interest towards this popular card game grew and he started doing a bit of research on how other top players played their game instead of maximizing his winnings.

He made his debut in the world of poker by participating in competitions in California in 1994 and in World Series of Poker in 1995.

Chris Ferguson is believed to be a man of multiple hobbies and skills. Where, on one hand, he is known for his fruit cutting skills by throwing playing cards at them with great speed, he is also famous for his swing dancing.


Chris Ferguson has a successful poker career with winning to titles and earnings. He has been victorious in five World Series of Poker events. At the main event of the 2000 World Series of Poker Chris Ferguson defeated legendary poker player T. J. Cloutier.

In 2004, he again managed the World Series of Poker main event but cashed out at 26th place. In the same year, he also started an online poker venture with the name of

These near finishes continued in 2005 and 2006 where Chris Ferguson was up against Phil Hellmuth and Ted Forrest, respectively. But in 2008, when he made to the finals for the third time, he was lucky. He vanquished Andy Bloch to win the tournament.

His tournament winnings far exceeded in 2010 ultimately reaching $8,000,000.

As a whole the total earnings of Chris’ 63 World Series of Poker reached $4,051,104 pushing him in the third rank for being the player of earning most cashes at the WSOP lacking a few positions behind Phil Hellmuth and Men Nguyen.

Chris Ferguson has a ‘never die’ approach and as a personal dare has made more than $20,000 with just $1 by playing online poker in a span of six months.

As he was well familiar with mathematics and poker playing strategy, Christopher has developed an algorithm for deal making for players whoever reaches the final table. This, however, is limited for players on Full Tilt Poker's online tournaments.

Christopher adopts a characteristic motionless pose just for the sake of his reluctance in providing information to his opponents.

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