How to Play King Nine in Poker

Texas Holdem – How to Play K9

King Nine is a good looking hand in a poker game, thanks to the King edge. But it is almost always advisable to lay this hand down to avoid a mess later. When suited, K9 can be an attractive hand to hold but not so practical to play with. There is a 70% chance that there will be an over card on the flop and then you might feel the heat. So what situation is most playable for this poker hand?

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Play suited ones in late position?

Position is something to be considered when playing all King-combinations. You can play this hand from big blind and there are no raises. Just see the flop and if you don’t hit your top pair, then best to lay it down and don’t get stuck to it. Even if you hit your King pair on the flop, use caution because nine isn’t the best kicker. Otherwise, if suited King Nine can also be played from late position especially if you are the button and there are no raisers. But the golden poker tip is never to raise on K9 even if suited. Remember, suited cards look nice but they only add a 2% edge to your odds.

When Played at Adda52

At the texas hold’em tables at Adda52, sathk22 had 9s and Kc and knew it wasn’t a strong hand. He was big blind on the five people table where only Valentine called with a weaker Qh 3h. The flop was 5d 6s 10c and the rainbow didn’t get anything for either player. Both checked and the turn was Qs. Valentine had hit top pair but decided to check. The river was K d and thus sathk22’s online poker skill had coupled up with some luck and awarded him. He now raised to 16 and was called and won the pot.

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