Strategy to deal Dead Cards


It happens to all poker players at some point in a poker tournament. You get an endless string of hole cards like 7-4, J-2, 9-3, 8-2 etc. They are totally dead cards which can never be played from any position. So what do you do to save your online poker tournament when the unlucky factor has taken over you? You let your poker skills take control. Formulate a poker strategy that can sail you through this difficult phase and get you in a comfortable spot.

    • Raise with any ace: For someone who hasn’t seen a royal in a while, seeing an ace can bring a flutter. But control your emotions and evaluate your position. If in late position in an unraised pot, raise if you have an ace. A hand like A-9 is playable in late position and sometime building a stack needs some chances to be taken.
    • Steal the blinds: While not many poker tournaments can be won by stealing the blinds, but a bit of a stack can be built by them. Again look for a spot where you are in late position and no one has raised the pot, raise to a level where you expect no one to call but isn’t big enough to deplete you if you get a caller. Chances are there won’t be a caller and you might get the blinds.
    • Play on your gameplay: When you go card dead within a poker tournament, your opponents start thinking you are a very tight player and are waiting for the best cards to play. So make use of that and re-raise on a raised pot. Your opponents might think that you have very good cards since you have been folding for a while. This re-raise might chase away people and you can again be on your way to stack building.
    • Press the paddle on the pair: If you get a pair in a poker tournament where the card dead series has lasted for long, then it is time to press the accelerator. In online poker, players cannot see your poker face so your poker strategy is all they can judge you by. But if you have been folding for long, they will be scared at any raise you make. So raise with a pair and your luck might turn and you can flop a set.

Never get discouraged when you get bad cards, poker is a game of skill and emotions. If you can keep the emotions out off the table, then the luck will definitely turn for you.

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