Dealing with Tilt in Poker


In poker, tilt is the effect of emotional stress causing you to play a hand differently to how you would play a hand at the peak of your ability. When suffering a Tilt, you are unable to make rational decisions at the poker table because your emotional state has gotten the better of you. Perhaps you are angry at a bad beat, terrified because you lost a huge sum of money a day before, or got a promotion at work and feel like taking it easy on the table. Whatever the case, you are going to lose money because of the tilt. To help you out, following are some of the ways to stop tilt in poker:

  • Play earlier in the day - It’s advisable to play earlier in a day because your brain is at its peak a few hours after you’ve woken up. You can play your best poker during this time and hence make fewer mistakes.
  • Play less hours overall - When you play for long hours, your brain becomes fatigued and you’re more prone to make mistakes. Therefore, you should take regular breaks and should not play for too long.
  • Play only when you want to - It’s a true saying that if you work hard in life, you will get everything that you want. But with poker, this isn’t necessarily the case. Of course, you should work hard & put effort into your game for becoming a better poker player. But, more importantly you should work smart, don’t push yourself to exhaustion. If your body and mind doesn’t want to be playing poker, don’t play. You will start getting bored, agitated and frustrated that will eventually lead to tilt.
  • Be aware of your emotions - To be a winning player you must be able to tell when you’re not in total control and are spewing money. Great players are in tune with their emotions and understand what things effect there mental stability and how they are playing. If you feel yourself unable to adjust your mental state or emotions, quit.
  • Set Limits - Another important thing that you can do is to set limits as to how much you can lose in a single day when you are playing poker. This helps you as you can keep track of your doings. If you surpass that amount then it is time you quit. Do this even if you feel that you are giving in your best shot for the game of poker.
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