Going heads up in SNG Tournaments


With a huge influx of players towards online poker, SitnGo (SNG) poker tournaments have become very popular. But how really should one play a SNG? How should a heads up situation in SNG’s be faced? Read on to find out how to win more when going heads up in a SNG.

  • Manage your bankroll: When in a heads up situation in a SNG poker tournament, ensure a healthy bankroll. Never risk more than 5% of your bankroll in a single game. Managing your bankroll is very important in a heads up situation in Texas hold’em poker.
  • Form a pre-flop strategy: In heads up SNG’s a lot of chips can be churned out by a good pre-flop poker strategy. Mini-raises when having royals or even suited connectors can pay off in heads up situations. A lot of bankroll can be built by being aggressive whenever you are big blind. Limping in with ordinary cards and raising to weigh your opponent can also scare him away. Mix a lot of game play with limping, raising, check-raising etc and you can maximize your pre-flop gains.
  • Use your player notes: If you have studied your opponents in the early stages of the poker tournament, then you will be able to use that information now. Using that data, you can now figure out how the opponent plays, what sort of a poker player is he, how does he react to various situations etc.
  • Understand the odds: Pot odds for a game of heads up SNG are totally different than a standard game of poker. Firstly, it is a poker tournament; secondly it is a heads up game. Thus understanding the poker odds for this situation are very important. Playing while keeping the pot odds and implied odds in mind is mandatory.
  • Poker psychology: the one who stays the longest at the poker table in an SNG generally emerges victorious. So use your poker face well, throw the emotions out of the table, be patient, don’t play too many hands and vary your aggression.
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