India Poker Open is an open invitation to all poker players who always seeks an opportunity to showcase their poker skills and win rewards. This prominent poker event is organised by the prestigious IPRT India Amateur Poker League and The Shark, publishers of Card Player India – pioneer in free poker magazine.


For Indian players, India Poker Open came to reality in May, 2011 when it was held at Casino Carnival in Goa, India, featuring varied events including the pot-limit Omaha tournament for the first time in India. It attracted many aspiring and veteran poker players as it promised huge prizes.

In this Open Tournament, organisers planned the starting stacks and the structure of the blinds differently to guarantee deep stacks for the play at the final table.

Tournament Format

The first event was 5K n-limit Hold’em re-buy with 51 entrants. Players were allowed to re-buy for the first hour with one add-on in the end. Day two had 54 players fighting to win the 10K freeze-out. Day three was the 100k freeze-out main event with the final event – Pot Limit Omaha - on May 15 (Day 4).


The events had good prize pools and witnessed both the regular players as well as some new ones. The first two events were both won by Rakesh Agarwal, assuring the organisers that he would always attend their tournaments. The organisers were experimenting with the pot-limit Omaha for the first time in India and therefore the turnout was below average at just 12 players.

Main Event

The 100k freeze-out tournament had 30 players and one of the largest prize pools in the history of Indian Poker tournament with INR 27,00,000. The players were fighting passionately to win the title. Rakesh Agarwal got eliminated earlier than anticipated and the final was between Mihail Stoykov (PokerGuru Pro) and Dhaval Mudgal (Card Player India Chief Editor). Mihail won in the end.

Player of the Year

Rakesh Agarwal, winner of the day one and day two, won the title of ‘Player of the Series’, even though he was ousted at number 6 and did not finish in the cash winners in the main event.

To participate in any events of India Poker Open , players are asked to register at the official website of theshark and the IPRT.

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