Poker Dream Challenge



The Poker Dream Challenge is one of the most important tournaments held by The Shark, India’s first poker Magazine, with the objective to identify and select poker players to compete against world’s excellent poker players in the WSOP Main Event. The unique objective of this tournament has attracted huge number of enthusiastic poker players in India who are passionate about exhibiting their skills and participate in some of the prominent tournaments held at Las Vegas.

The first Poker Dream Challenge took place on October 2010, at Casino Royale, Goa that symbolizes as the gateway of universal poker dream. This tournament is all about offering a chance to participate in the World Series of Poker Main Event for poker players. Interestingly, 44 players have so far entered the tournament and only 2 players with impressive skills are awarded a trip to Las Vegas.

Tournament Format

It is an elimination tournament in which players who lose are not allowed to re-enter or rejoin the table or tournament.

It is at this event, by Craig Wildman, the tournament director, announced the terms ‘Shuffle up and deal’ to begin the tournament.


The Poker Dream Challenge is organized with satellites installed for unique gaming experience. The satellite event to the World Series of Poker 2011 Main Event was held on October at Casino Royale, Goa with 42 players carrying outstanding poker skills. It is one of the toughest and most challenging poker tournaments in India that demands exceptional poker skills to become the winner. The winners are awarded with attractive prizes including whopping cash prizes that range up to millions.

Like all other tournaments, rules and certain policies are followed to prevent unfairness in the game and award penalties to players who violate the policies. Betting and other rules of the tournaments are declared beforehand so that players can continue to play the game efficiently.

Main Events

The satellite event to the WSOP 2011 Main Event was a Rs 50,000 Freezeout event. It took place on 23rd October at famous Casino Royale, Goa and had an remarkable field of 42 players.

In this event, two players namely Lawrence Sanjay and Rajesh Goyal won a complete package to the WSOP in Las Vegas; while Arjun Pasricha won Rs 3,80,000 prize money.

Player of the Year

As mentioned earlier, Rajesh Goyal and Lawrence Sanjay were declared winners of the 'Poker Dream Challenge'!

To be a part of the Poker Dream Challenge, individuals have to register themselves with the bits of information required. However, there are certain limitations pertaining to the age such as participants should not be below than 21 years or age and carry a valid age proof.  

Information and details about the Poker Dream Challenge tournament is made available for poker fans and players by The Shark on its official website so that passionate poker lovers could know about the exciting game and winners.

So, if you have the guts to take the challenge and dream to be at the WSOP then Poker Dream Challenge is the right platform. 

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Customer Care
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