Abhishek Goindi - Indian Poker Player


Abhishek Goindi is a poker pro whose achievements have inspired many to play poker in India. In India, poker is not well known but players like Abhishek have exemplified that one can also make a career by playing poker. His exceptional poker skills have made him a highly admired poker player in the Indian world of poker.

Personal Life

Abhishek Goindi hails from Bangalore. He is a graduate from Christ College Bangalore and worked at a Multi National Company with a banking profile. Abhishek realised his passion towards this intriguing card game and so quit his job to dedicatedly play poker.

This poker pro is an MTT specialist and achieved success in almost all Tournament Leaderboards in India. Abhishek Goindi has not only participated in the Indian Poker tournaments but also played world level tournaments. Apart from having passion in poker, he has also interest in travelling and love to listen to music.

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