Champions Poker League (CPL)


The Champions Poker League or CPL is UK based premiere pub poker league running since July, 2006. In the last five years, CPL has established itself as one of the largest pub poker league in Britain with hundreds of clubs and pubs taking active part in the tournament, throughout the year.

Tournament Format

Champions Poker League (CPL) plays No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments. CPL conducts four quarterly seasons accompanied by four quarterly finals across the country. The players at each quarterly final compete for a prize pool. The prize pool, along with the number of places paid out, is adjusted according to the number of players attending a final so that every final has an appropriate prize funding. In addition, the top 10% of players from each quarterly final qualify through to the yearly National Final. Once a year, the top players from each of the four Quarterly finals are invited to play the National Final, held at the Grosvenor Casino in Coventry.


CPL has overall 198 venues in the UK, each playing once a week that is able to offer up to £100 in prizes amounting up to £1,029,600 per year. In addition to this, it also offers £100,000 in prizes at various casino finals every year. This means a total potential live prize pool of £1,129,600; making it the biggest prize pool offering league in UK’s pub poker history.

Main Event

The main event of the Champions Poker League is the National Final held every year at the Grosvenor Casino in Coventry. Here, players compete for a £10,500 prize pool, including buy-ins to high profile poker tournaments. The CPL National Winner is crowned the National Pub Poker Champion Title & he lifts the crystal trophy.

Player of the Year (POY)

Matthew 'matt' Trout was the CPL’s player of the year 2011. He won an all expenses paid trip worth over £3500 to the Main Event of the Grosvenor UK poker Tour in London with a prize pool of over £500,000.

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