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Some Poker Fallacies and Facts     


Some Poker Fallacies and Facts


Poker Fallacies

  • Red is universally considered as a lucky color for Poker players to wear while playing on final table.

  • Dirty clothes worn during a previous poker victory are considered lucky by players.

  • Sitting cross legged during a game is considered as ‘crossing your luck’.

  • Many players, for example Phil Hellmuth like to dress up grandly before entering a WSOP tournament. This is supposed to bring luck.

  • Some players keep specific card guards as lucky charms during a tournament. For instance, Sam Farha likes to keep an unlit cigarette with him during game play.

  • Players change their eating habits during tournaments. For example, Johnny Chan always keep an orange with him.

Poker Facts

  • Do you know that the word poker actually originated from a German word ‘Pochen’ which means to bluff and also considered to be derived from a French word ‘Poque’ which is a card game.

  • Do you know that the 4 kings of a standard deck of card represent great rulers of the past namely King David of Israel, King Charlemagne of France, Alexander the Great and Roman Caesar Augustus.

  • Do you know that the four suits of cards represent the four class system of France?

  • Do you know that the US President Warren Hardings advisory board was earlier popular as ‘The Poker Cabinet’ because they used to play poker with him twice in a week.

  • Do you know that US President Richard Nixon funded his first campaign through his winnings from poker.

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