Jasven Saigal - Poker Player


Jasven Saigal is one among the pro poker players who has won the India Poker Championship. He is a diligent poker player who has played many tournaments and also known as a successful Indian poker player.

Personal Life

Jasven Saigal is a Mumbaiker and belongs to a family who runs a catering business. How he learnt to play poker is quite a sort of interesting story. Jasven’s interest in poker developed after playing a tournament in the year 2008. He became so engrossed in this game that he started organizing home cash games. He followed his passion and proved himself as a prominent tournament player.

Jasven’s only hobby is learning more and more about poker. He later started visiting Goa more often to participate in the popular poker tournaments.Apart from playing poker he is also now the co-owner of Aces Unlimited .


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