Layne Flack

Layne Flack is one of the most successful American professional poker players with an impressive poker career. Interestingly, as of today, this pro poker player has won an amount close to $4,300,000. He has even made his presence felt in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and his achievements not only include money earnings but also six bracelets.

Personal Life

Layne Flack came into this world on May 18, 1969. He was born in the state of South Dakota. From his childhood, he started understanding the games of cards under the guidance of grandparents and became proficient. Layne Flack was much acquainted with the gambling traditions as he used to work in a local casino during summer.

In 1987, Flack moved back to Rapid City to pursue higher education. During his education life, he worked as a dealer in Deadwood, S.D. and discovered his poker skills and decided to make his career in this intriguing card game. So, Flack quit his job and dedicated himself entirely in playing cards.

Flack relocated to Reno to start playing poker professionally, but soon became a father and made the decision to move back to Montana with his family.

Finally, Flack and his family made Bozeman their residence, where he facilitated in opening a card room in a local casino. He came in contact with some legendary poker players during his early stage of career. He was mentored by Huck Seed, who after much speculation suggested him to go to Las Vegas to try his skills. He took his advice and in 1997 he headed to Vegas.


Flack immediately started playing tournaments in Las Vegas, both No-limit and Limit Hold’em, and won a couple of the small ones. In 1999 Layne Flack hit the jackpot and secured his first WSOP bracelet.

He played many tournaments and table and confronted many talented and popular players. He also found a mentor and a good friend in Johnny Chan. His fame and poker skills were growing and he was seen at many final tables. Soon he was nicknamed – Back to Back Flack - in the year 2002 after his two successive victories in the WSOP events.

In 2003, he again proved himself to be an outstanding poker player by winning two more World Series of Poker bracelets, the $1500 Limit Hold’em Shootout and the $2500 Omaha Hi-Low Split. Layne Flack won his latest bracelet in the year 2008.

He also participated in the World Poker Tour and cashed more than $900K apart from making several finals.

Layne Flack has got flair and his poker buddies describe him as a genius, as he reads well and loves to play without fear. His feature is to play in a mysterious way making it hard for his opponent to deal with him.

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