Strategies for Shootout Tournament


A shootout poker tournament involves playing at several single tables. The player with the highest chip stack; in some instances, the top 3 finishers advance to the next level and thus the tournament goes on till a final table has winners of various tables. These players then play to win the final prize. One peculiar characteristic of this poker tournament is that the game play goes on at a stretch and players cannot leave or join at their discretion. No player can skip a level or decide to join at a higher level. Thus it is a long online poker format and is best suited for intermediate level poker players who are striving to gain exposure.

An ideal poker strategy for Shootouts:

  • Beware of the All-in: A shootout may have many amateur poker players playing too. In this circumstance, many amateurs have a tendency to go all in with marginal hands in the early stages of a shootout. Keep your chips close to your chest and don’t let yourself go all in unless you are completely sure of your starting poker hands.
  • Time survival: Double and triple shootouts can be lengthy and can go on for hours. Thus if you are a trained online poker player with a lot of time discipline then this format is for you. It is best to play tight and calm in the early stages of shoootouts.
  • Recognize the weak player: The ones who go all in right in the first few games of the tournaments are generally the weakest ones. They have no poker strategy and the best poker tip for shootouts is to target these players when you hit top poker hands. If you are able to get their chips in a game where you hold very strong cards, you can surely build a chip stack.
  • Bluff lesser: While bluffing can be used in the mid stages of other poker tournaments, but it isn’t advised so in Shootouts. Many players try to do so right at the start of shootouts, but a good player should not try to bluff in these games.
  • Read players and catch the tells: Reading the players is very important in any game of Texas hold’em but more so in shootouts. If you are able to understand how a player plays in the early stages of a shootouts, you might find this handy once at the final table. Use your poker skills to catch the tells and understand when a player is bluffing or stealing the blinds.
  • Show aggression: After playing tight during the first stage, show your aggression at the final table. This is where you will have mostly intermediate poker skills player and you can also use your earlier observations at use now. Be aggressive at the later stages of shootouts and raise from positions.
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