Starting Poker Hands K10

Texas Holdem – How to Play K10


Popularly called Katie(King Ten) or KT is a good hand to have as your starting poker hand. But it shouldn’t be overestimated as ten is just the borderline where the tail starts. More often than not, it is a good hand to fold and just observe the action but sometimes it can be playable based on your position and chip stack.

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Only play in late position

The best poker tip for Katie is to play it only if in the cutoff or button positions. If you are hijack and are above table average in chips then you can play this hand. But any poker strategy will tell you to fold this hand and not call for trouble if playing it from early or middle position. Especially when discussing with respect to online poker, King Ten can simply be checked also when in big blind and everyone calls. But otherwise, do not call King ten simply because you like the look of the cards.

When Played at Adda52

In an online poker game of sat finals on 7th April 2012, player monu was the button when he saw K10 of hearts. With blinds at 4/8 and 4 people at the table, shahdilip with Js Ad called a raise to 16 and monu called along with sonia with 9 7 of hearts.  The flop was 5d 4h 5h giving monu and sonia flush draws. All three saw the turn which was Qc. After no betting, the river was Qh and both monu and sonia had hit their flush but the latters was to King and thus higher. He was raised to 16 and he smoothly check raised to 64 knowing he could only be beaten by one card; Ace of hearts. The showdown saw monu pocketing a good pot after playing well with his Katie.

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