Texas Holdem – How to Play QJ


Queen Jack(QJ) is fondly nicknamed Quack and is a decent hand to start playing with. This poker hand boasts of two royals but the problem is none of them is high enough. There is a 32% chance that you will surely see an over card on the flop which is never a good thing. So what poker strategy works best for you when you play these cards in the game of poker?

Play your position

Quack is all about position play and knowing when to fold. If you stay within your realms and do not over estimate your cards, you are safe. The best poker tip for QJ would be to play it comfortably from late position. They can be played from early and mid position only if the royals are suited. But if you see a raise come up then you shouldn’t think twice. Just lay it down because chances are that there are over cards or even a royals pair with someone. So rule of the thumb here should be to just call the blinds and never raise or call a raise.

When Played at Adda52

Player ashuashen played this poker hand a little differently than normal poker strategies would advise. He raised to 40 on the texas hold’em table with blinds at 4/8 and was called by abhi144 with As Jc. The flop turned out to Qc 4d 5c and ashuashen had got his top pair. But the battle was not won so he checked and saw the turn as 4s. Now he held two pairs and the way the game had preceded it seemed little chance that his heads up opponent had pocket pairs. Thus he felt comfortable with his top pair and raised to 40 again getting abhi144 all in. the river was 4h and thus Full boat for ashuashen. Here, abhi144 had the edge in starting hands but he didn’t have position to back him. The aggressive playing style of ashuashen won him the game.

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