Lobby - While playing on Adda52, you will find a tab on the bottom left side of the screen. This tab is called Lobby. This button provides information on which denomination games are available for playing, on the site. It also provides information on which tables are free and how many players are already sitting on each of the tables. One can also click on the details button on any of the rows in the game lobby to view the players who are are seated on a particular table and to join a particular table.

Exit Room - While playing on Adda52 tables, there might be various reasons for leaving the table. If one is out of chips, one wishes to join another table or even wishes to change his seat etc., there is an option for the player to exit the current room. This exit room tab is available on the top right corner of the screen. While the game is on, the players have the option to exit the room, by clicking on this tab.

Chat facility - While playing online on Adda52, there is a facility which is provided to chat with other players, while the game is on. This facility is available to players who are sitting on the table, and is also available to players who have logged in, but are currently not sitting on that particular table i.e. the players who are in watch mode. This provides a forum for interactive session amongst the players, and creates a sense of bonhomie amongst the players. It can also be used to invite the current players to another table.

The chat facility provides a space for interaction, wherein the players can invite and then play with players of their choice only.

Dealer chat - The dealer chat shows the messages which are automatically generated by the software to indicate the progress of the game. 

Game Info - When a player opts to play on Adda52, the player might not be very familiar with the rules, terminologies used by the site. Many a times it so happens that a player logs in & goes straight to the Lobby, which leads him to the various available tables. In the Lobby, the player chooses a particular table, but before sitting on that table wishes to know, more about the various nuances of that particular game, being played on that table. This information is readily available on the page itself while choosing a table to play. The information is termed as game info and can be seen on the top left of the screen. The information available here is of a varied nature.

It has details of how many players can sit on this table. The details of table id are also available here. It also gives information on the type of chips being played on this particular table - whether the game will be played with real chips or with free chips, information on what is the type of chips required to be bought to play this particular online game is also available.

Hence all the information a player is looking for when they opt to play online is available in a nutshell, in the Game Info tab.

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