How to Spot a Fish

A Fish is someone who is bad at playing poker game. Usually, a fish doesn’t play poker well & thereby loses a big amount of money. However, you need to be a lot careful because when a fish attains a good hand; it's hard to make him fold. Also, sometimes a fish can call you with any amount. Still, a fish can be easily spotted after playing a few hands & can be effortlessly outplayed. A poker fish would sometimes rely solely on luck; which eventually brings their downfall. There are different kinds of fishes out there. Once you spot them, you have to understand how he plays because they usually have just one playing style. A fish is also weak when it comes to bluffing and you can also easily catch the tells.

Below are 5 ways in which you can spot a poker fish:

A Poker Fish plays too many Hands - Playing almost every hand is synonyms to a poker fish. This is one of the best ways to spot them.

A Poker Fish doesn’t know how to fold - A poker fish doesn’t fold often, and tries to play through to the end.

A Poker Fish often makes an oversized All-in bets - If you see a player making an oversized all-in bet repeatedly, assume him to be a poker fish.

A Poker Fish makes unnecessary pre-flop raises - Apart from the oversized all-in bets, a poker fish also makes needless pre-flop raises without seeing the community cards.

A Poker Fish starts raising more as soon as he wins a game - A poker fish often gets carried away after winning a game and thus, raises more lavishly without bothering about his cards.

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