Poker Winners' Attributes

In the world of poker, there are many players who have a consistent success rate. Luck can be given credit for some part of their success but eventually it’s the basic qualities or attributes that a winner possesses which really amounts to his triumph. Following are some of the attributes of a poker game winner:

Self-belief and confidence – A winner is always full of self-belief and confidence and wears a smile at the start of every game.

Learning from previous Mistakes – A winner makes a habit to learn from the mistakes that he has already committed. This helps a winner to improve his game all the time.

Understanding pot odds – Most of the winners have a sound understanding of the poker game theory as well as the pot odds. This mathematical aptitude could be a result of a university degree in game theory or years of experience in playing poker. This is surely an advantage & helps a winner to understand and estimate very precisely whether certain actions are likely to be profitable for him or not.

Good stack management – A lot of winners keep a proper record of their stack, won or lost. This can be very simple as you just need to write down how much you've won or lost on a given day so that you know where you are over time. But sometimes, it can be a little complex especially when you decide to make a more detailed account by including factors like hours played, time of the day, number of games and opponents played etc.

Selection of hands – A winner always selects the right poker hands to play. Selection of hands is very important as it decides your fate in the game i.e. whether you end up being a winner or loser.

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