All-in Poker Tactics

All-in simply means betting all your chips. It can be a method to increase your chips significantly when you get called & win. However, it can also lead you to the exit gate if you get called & loose. A common mistake that beginner poker players make is to go All-in quite frequently and at wrong times, often unnecessarily. Now, let’s explore when to go All-in in a poker game.

Probably, there are only three good reasons to go All-in:

  • If you are convinced that you have the best hand and you are sure to beat your opponents.
  • If you are convinced that you can fool your opponents in thinking that you have the best hand, regardless of what you actually hold. Things don’t always work out the way you plan so you have to be careful here.
  • If you’re into tournament play, then there’s a third reason to go all in and that’s when you are one of the small stacks and you need to double up. Generally, you need to consider this All-in move when your total chip counts are ten times the big blind or less. If you wait a little longer, the blinds will eat up your stack and you’ll be out of the tournament before you know it.

The All-in move is often used to “scare” players away from the table by making them fold their cards. It is used to redirect the game pressure back to your opponents. This is especially effective if you have a tight player image, and you’ve played your hand in a way that makes it likely that you have a strong hand. That means raising pre-flop, and raising on the flop. The question you need to ask yourself before going All-in is this: Do I really have to go all in to scare this opponent away, or can a hefty bet have the same result? The reason I say this is simple: sometimes you misread the entire situation and while you think you’re outplaying everyone else, you are in fact the one being outplayed. If you go all in on a bluff and get called by someone who has more chips and has a better hand, then you’re done. Had you instead raised the bet significantly, but not gone All-in, the results would probably be similar with the exception that you’re not out of the game even when you lose. Yes, you lost chips, but at least you have the opportunity to win them back.

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