Freeroll Poker Tournaments


Freeroll tournaments are those online poker tournaments where players can play free poker games. Such poker tournaments are organized by online poker rooms to increase potential player database. Players register for freeroll tournaments without any entry fee and have a chance to win real money.

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Are freeroll tournaments for you?

If you are a beginner then freeroll tournaments are very good to gain tourney experience. If you don’t want to invest any money in an online poker website and want to play around a bit, then again freerolls are for you. These online poker tournaments feature a lot of free poker games and new players, thus a lot of poker exposure can be gained for a beginner player.

Adda52 is one such sites where you can experience these freeroll tournaments in a very safe and secure environment, so that by playing such free poker games, you can become a good poker pro.

Advantages of freeroll tournaments

  • Very good to sharpen your poker skills
  • A bankroll can be built by playing and winning at freerolls
  • Good poker tournament exposure can be gained

Disadvantages of freeroll tournaments

  • With a large amateur field of players participating, sometimes poker growth can get stunted
  • They can be time consuming

Freeroll poker tournaments are definitely a good learning ground for a new player who wants to gain experience and wants to get a feel of tournament pressure. Choosing the right freeroll tournament is also very important. Always pick a freeroll that doesn’t have too many entrants. The more the entrants, the longer the tourney will be and the lesser your chances of winning. Start playing small tourneys and once you get the hang of free poker games, then enter the bigger tournaments.

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