What is an MTT and how is it structured?


Multi Table tournaments are online poker tournaments which are multi tiered and thus have players playing at numerous tables and fighting to reach the final table. Poker Players start with an equal amount of chips and when your chips finish, you are eliminated from the competition.

MTT’s start with many tables and as players get eliminated tables are merged to keep them evenly balanced. MTT’s are the most commonly used tournament platform in online poker rooms.

How is MTT different from STT?

A Single table tournament (STT) is simply a small poker tournament which has only one table running at one time. As all players get eliminated from that table, one player emerges victorious and the table finishes. On the other hand, an MTT hosts multiple tables and many players playing at the same time. MTT’s with thousands of players are also structured where players are evenly distributed across tables. As players get eliminated, tables are merged and players are moved to keep them evenly balanced. The basic difference between MTT and STT comes in the number of players playing thus effecting the number of tables in existence.

Features of an MTT

  1. MTT’s are always scheduled before hand by a poker room.
  2. MTT’s have an entry fee which is generally 10% of the buy-in. All players are given an equal amount of playing chips to play.
  3. MTT’s are generally capped to the maximum players but many times any number of players are permitted as the MTT structure balances the tables by itself.
  4. The blinds are structured in a manner that they increase in increments of time.
  5. No Limit Texas Holdem is the most popular variant of poker played in the MTT format.
  6. Payouts of MTT’s depend on the number of players participating but generally the top 10% are rewarded unless and until it is a special event.
  7. MTT’s can have late registrations, re-buys, add-ons.

Structure of an MTT

An MTT is announced well in time and players can register beforehand. Once the tournament starts he will be awarded a seat automatically by the system. As the game goes on and players are eliminated from various tables; tables will be merged to keep the number of players even across all tables. For example: if the tournament features 9 players tables and at some stage, there are 3 players on one table and 5 on another, then the software will merge these two tables to get these 8 players to play together. Such merging or load balancing is done at the earliest instance.

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