India Poker Ranking Tour



The Indian Poker Ranking Tour League (IPRT) is created to provide a unique poker platform for the Indian poker players where they can enjoy and play this sport without wagering cash of any kind. The IPRT League is FREE that means without any entry fee players can join and participate in the league.

The IPRT League through its various leagues and tournaments intends to promote the exciting card game in India and offers them the ambience where they can enhance their skills.

Tournament Format

Game played at the popular India Poker Ranking Tour events is basically NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD-EM that ranges from 4-5 hours inclusive of breaks. The winner of this grand League is awarded with huge prizes that cannot be exchanged, redeemed or transferred. To judge a winner, the India Poker Ranking Tour adopts an unbiased scoring system.

Like the traditional poker, in all IPRT league a deck of 52 standard cards is used excluding the wild cards or jokers. To avoid confusion and ensure a fair play for players, it has also briefed the rules of tournament, placing of bets, shuffling and dealing of cards, showdown, raising of bets and more. In IPRT, the initial stack is 2,000 chips that increased as per the rules.


By being an IPRT League Associate member, a player gets an opportunity to be a part of the prestigious ‘Poker Team India’ which also opens the other doors of sponsorship to participate in the international events such as ‘World Poker Tournament’ and ‘World Series of Poker’.

Players who possess impressive run are awarded FREE entries into buy-in events where they can win loads of cash prizes organised at casinos in Goa. However, such provisions are awarded only if a player participates in one of the India Poker Ranking Tour League FREE events.

The IPRT League is designed for entertainment besides winning. From time to time it conducts Boot-Camps absolutely free for a beginner which is a good exercise to learn and enhance their skills. It has also formulated certain etiquettes for its participants to ensure fair play for the players who participate. Any player if intends to infringe the mention etiquette then the player has to confront to harsh decision which may be either suspension or termination of membership.

Rules are also set to ensure fair play in all IPRT League Events fair and games are held for excitement and fun. However, to be a member of IPRT League a player should follow the rules that are as follows: participants should have attained the age of 21 years or older, Participants should register themselves and own a photo ID and membership card to participate in any IPRT event.

Main Events

IPRT follows a fixed format namely a 10K Freezeout which is played 9 handed, 6 handed and heads-up every month culminating in a grand event - the INDIAN NATIONAL POKER OPEN. The winner of this annual MEGA event is crowned the INDIAN NATIONAL POKER CHAMPION!

Player of the Year

9 Handed Max

Anand-180 points, Perry-150 points, Hussain-120 points, Nitin-90 points, Uday-75 points, Ashish-60 points, Dhruv-53 points, MNM-45 points, Pakhi-38 points.

6 Handed Max

Saazid-180 points, Raghav-150 points, Hemant-120 points, Prashant-90 points, Gaurav-75 points, Alok-60 points.

Heads Up

Rajesh Goyal-180 points, Vedant Thadani-150 points, Alok-120 points, Dhruv-120 points, Uday-75 points, Jim-75 points, Vikram-75 points, Hemant-75 points.

No fee is charged from participants in any of the IPRT "FREE League" event.

So, if you want to showcase your poker skills then just register to India Poker Ranking Tour and be one of the talented poker greats.

Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
12 PM to 10 PM
Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
12 PM to 10 PM

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