Raining Aces



Raining Aces is developed to cultivate the taste of poker in India and hearten players by awarding rewards. Founded under the guidance of entrepreneur Mr. Debarshi Chatterji, Mr. Karan Sabhlok and Philip Sanders, strategic consultant to Raining Aces, this tournament aims to act as an epicentre of poker lovers from varied cultures and share their common views about the game. It is also about identifying poker skills and encourages them to enter into the global events.

To promote the poker game, the company also eyed to seek the support of media and other effective mediums to reach the general public.

Tournament Format

In 2011, this tournament was held with the objective to attract at least 100 runners by declaring a prize of 1 crore rupees apart from other attractive prizes such as gold diamond bracelet and silver bracelet. The Pay-Out of this event is 95% of the entire collection. The remaining 5% is meant to meet the administration expenses. Such big pay-out is introduced with proper planning and is believed to spur enthusiasm among the poker players and participants.

A10 day tournament poker event from 21-31 October, 2011 comprised of Grinders Championship (Texas Holdem Unlimited Re-buys for first 3 levels), Last Man Standing (Texas Holdem Shootout Championship), Raining Aces Championship (Texas Holdem Freezeout), Omaha King (Omaha Hi Pot Limit Unlimited Re-buys for first 6 levels), and Asian Poker Cobra (Texas Holdem Freezeout).


Raining Aces has created history in the world of professional poker in India by offering a buy-in option up to INR 1,00,000 making it the largest poker tournament in the country.

Raining Aces, at the initial state, offers a total of 200 seats that might increase in the coming years; certain rules are adopted and implemented to ensure fair play and prevent foul play. Participants are made to follow the set rules such as a participant cannot buy back in if s/he is eliminated.

To participate in the events of Raining Aces, participants must be of 18 years or over. However, while participating in the events it is not mandatory to carry an identification proof but it is always advised to carry some form of identification to avoid inconvenience.

For poker players in India, Raining Aces at the initial stage will feature the popular and highly played Texas No Limit Hold'em, Omaha, Teen Patti etc. But gradually, the company will also introduce other versions so that players could play of their choice.

Main Events

The Raining Aces Main Event was the Asian Poker Cobra which is the finale event in the schedule conducted on October 2, 2011.

Player of the Year

The winner of the main event receives INR 107,500 seat for free & a gold and diamond bracelet.

To be a participant, an individual have to fill the online form with the required details and s/he will receive a confirmation mail to the given email address.

Provisions are also made for players who wish to play satellites. To ensure a hassle-free gaming experience both Turbo and Bolt satellites are installed.

Furthermore, to ensure that every event is a grand success the Raining Aces team is consistently working.

Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
12 PM to 10 PM
Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
12 PM to 10 PM

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