Texas Holdem – How to Play 10,10

Pocket tens(10,10) are the highest of the middle pairs in the poker game but not strong enough to prevail over the photo cards so it is always very tricky on how to handle them. If we look at a list of top ten starting poker hands, then TNT, as pocket tens are fondly called, will surely feature in the middle. They are strong and are only overruled on a 4-1 edge.

Raise! Rather go all in!

As a simple poker tip in Texas Hold’em, it is best to consider the number of people in the hand when you see 10’s as your hole cards. If it is a less than five people table, then it is best to raise and get the over cards out of the way. If you weight or raise or even go all in if you are on chip average, then you might manage to go heads up which gives you a very good chance. But any over pair that you get on the flop might mean doom.

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See the flop and then act!

Another way to approach pocket tens might be to consider your position first. In early position it is best to check and see how the others play. Any raise and you can be sure there is an over pocket pair or something like an A-10 or A-J staring at you. 60% chances are that you will see atleast one over pair on the flop but it is worth the risk. But if the flop gives you many over cards and another raise comes up, nowhere is it written in the rules of poker that you can’t muck.

When Played at Adda52

On the Daily Final on 28th March, Blade followed the all in strategy with TNT and ended up winning a big pot. He was the big bully on the table and also the small blind. With blinds at 15/30, he saw nsreddy with AA raising only twice big blind. Blade went all in with 1980 chips and was called immediately. The flop was a terrific one for Blade as he hit a set with 10 h, 7 s, Q d. Things kept better as the turn was K s and river Q s. With none looking at a spades flush, victory had favored the brave as a full boat for Blade meant the downfall of the two aces, the highest pre-flop cards in Texas holdem poker.

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